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717 Medical Office Building on the campus of the Methodist Women’s Hospital

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Pee Happens (But It Doesn't Always Have To) Do you suffer from an embarrassing problem? You don't have to suffer in silence.


To make an appointment

192 Dodge: (402) 815-8942
Indian Hills: (402) 354-1700
or request an appointment online.

Office Hours

Mon—Fri, 8am—5pm


717 Medical Office Building
717 N. 190th Plaza, Suite 2200
Omaha, NE 68022

Located adjacent to Methodist Women's Hospital

Indian Hills

8901 West Dodge Road

Omaha, NE 68114

Your resource for a lifetime of continence and confidence.

Women are active, more so than they ever have been. That’s why we know you don’t need continence issues holding you back.

Dedicated to the treatment of pelvic floor disorders, we can help women maintain their active lifestyles. Life doesn’t stop and we don’t think you should have to.